With the increase in the occurrence of Natural Disasters and impact of climate change there has been growing pressure in the livelihood of the communities. Our approach in the livelihood sector is to reduce RISK and introduce model interventions and bigger and multiple options for the poorer communities. The over dependency on sectors like agriculture, fishing, has to be reduced through alternative income generation processes.
1) Awareness on MNREGA and addressing issue of ‘hunger’ :

MNREGA is one of the central Govt. assisted scheme implemented by the State Govt. to address the issue of rural unemployment and hunger. The scheme ensures 100 days of earning to the poor households (BPL) and creates rural infrastructures for development.

Over the period of time it has been observed that there have been issues concerning the distribution of job cards and works. We are organising awareness camps in our operational areas of Puri and Malkangiri. Sometimes, new avenue has to be created for creation of such employments. This require passing of the work in pallisabha (village meeting) resolution and has to be submitted to the concerned Block Development officers. We have been facilitating such processes in our operational areas during the last couple of years.

2) Farmer’s training :

Agricultural departments and Science & technology department are working on the issue of paddy crop. The issues like increase in the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers in the field are going to create deterioration in production and quality of production.

One of the varieties of paddy called “SRI” has been introduced in the district by the Agrl department. The challenge is to make the local farmers oriented on the process and procedure for the paddy cultivation. We have facilitated demonstrated by the district Agricultural department, in sample clusters in 2010. It is one of the most feasible species of paddy developed keeping the local conditions in view. It has got a good output in those areas. We then promoted the knowledge and skills to other areas of the district. We were one of pioneer NGOs to work on the pilot project of SRI promotion in the State. In the previous year we have facilitated the production of this variety in 500 hectares in Delang block, in support of District Agrl. Dept, Puri.

3) Skill up gradation training to the women in coir making trade:

Skill up-gradation training programme was organized for the independent women entrepreneurs running coir-making trades at their home. A total of 25 women participated in the one month orientation programme at Jenapur. The participants were get orientation on the trades by the instructor. The content was designed as per the weakness areas of the trainees found in a pre-assessment exercise during Jan’ 2011.

The activity continued from 1st Feb’ to 28th Feb’ 2011. The trainees have to spare 5 hours as the practical and one hour as the theory classes. They are oriented on the latest manual machine used for coir rope making at home. After the end of this programme, the trainees have shown more encouragement towards the trade. They could now able earn more than that they were earning earlier to this.

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