Study and Research


Study & Research is highly important as it is the process which helps us to know the ground reality and root causes of the issues. Our Organisation members are involved in different kinds of social research as per the need. Following studies/ research works has been facilitated –
1)Study on Street & Platform Children :
There are 10 million street children in India. 71.3 per cent of the total children were less than 14 years and 40 per cent of the total population was in the age group of 11-14 years. It is estimated that between 100,000 and 125,000 children live on the railway stations or nearby streets of India’s major cities.

All these show that the situation is worsen and it is going to be more precarious, if actions could not be taken rapidly. Children here are involved in a variety of work including vending, begging, rag picking, bottle picking, acrobat, cleaning, shoe shining, and selling refilled water bottle. The most worsen fact underlying to it is that most of the railway children lack family contact, which makes them more and more addicted to street life. They are the vulnerable to be used for sexual exploitation, drug peddling, organ transportation etc. Organisation like SATHI has been working for the rescue & rehabilitation work of such children in major cities of India. The best solution to the issue is none other than family based rehabilitation (repatriation and reunion).

In support of Sir Ratan Tata Trust, SATHI proposed to carry out research programmes to promote deeper understanding of the issues related to run away children on the platform and build a sound knowledge base on rehabilitation issue and identify good practices for dissemination. SATHI has been identified the need for “Understanding the effectiveness of network with RPF and GRP to help runaway children found in the platform”. In the process of rescue and rehabilitation of these run away children on platform there is important role of GRP (Government Railway Police) and RPF (Railway Protection Force).

Both the team leaders of GSP are involved in this study. The very concern is to get ground information and examine the concerns. The study was conducted in 2010-11 in 23 major railway stations in India. Besides the GRP/RPF people, other stakeholders including victimised children and their parents were involved in the process.

2)Study on trafficking of children from the indigenous communities Malkangiri, Odisha :

As a matter of fact the Odisha has been considered both as a source and destination of child trafficking. It has been found that the children from the districts populated with indigenous communities and remote places are trafficked in the lure of employment or better living to the townships (inside or outside the State). Over the period of times the rate of ‘migration’ of people these villages are increasing. Some of the cases has also rescued and released by the district administration from the State of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu in the recent past. Now there is a proposition that the child trafficking is occurring mostly from these families, whose father or elder brother has gone for migration. The study envisages finding out causes behind this and the relationship among them. The study is under process. Besides, some more studies have also been conducted by the Secretary in the past years.

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