In spite of all International Conventions, National policies, Legal safe guards and operation of several support platforms for women, there has been a very little change in the ‘status of women’ in India. The situation is more worsen in a State like Odisha, which holds a higher rank in terms of poverty index. The State also has been securing a lower position in other such broader developmental indexes at the National level. viz. Human Development Index (HDI) and even in Gender Empowerment Index (GEI). ‘Gender discrimination’ is highly persistent in rural communities and even in urban areas, with families having low level of illiteracy.

We as an Organisation targeting those areas or communities where there is high degree of vulnerability of women and discrimination based on gender. It starts with the issue of ‘female feticides’. This is further followed by prevalence of issues of ‘low preference for girl child education’, ‘neglected health & services’, ‘restricted mobility’, ‘early marriage’, ‘low preference for employment’, ‘wage discrimination’, ‘dowry/ family violence’, ‘bigamy’, ‘sexual violence/ exploitation’, ‘trafficking’.

As the working policy, we give priority to cover women who are further vulnerable like affected by HIV/AIDS, widow and elderly in our programme. We follow special inclusive approach for the differently-able women in all programmes.

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